Album Covers

With each monthly episode I look around me for inspiration for the album cover art. At the beginning of the House Grind in 2011 I was not familiar with any type of graphic design other than Microsoft Paint. Now however, I am enjoying this part of the creative process. Here I will provide further insight into the images 🙂

Episode 74 album cover
January 2019 EP74 – A blurred view of the landscape along Kootenay Lake where I resided in Nelson, British Columbia
EP67 – This photo was taken from a mural I came across while walking around in picturesque San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
HG72 album cover
EP72 – An autumn scenery looking eastward along the arm of Kootenay Lake, Nelson, British Columbia
EP75 – An Arbutus tree is forefront in this image overlooking the canopy of forest on Vancouver Island, near Parksville, British Columbia
EP75 – I was very intrigued by this montage of umbrellas found within the shopping mall at Puerto Cancun, Q.R., Mexico
The seductive sunset of the Pacific Ocean, with an intense pink saturation – located in Monte Rico, Guatemala
EP78 – An intentionally out of focus shot of the daisies in my mom’s garden.
EP79 – The colour play of the orange lanterns and the purple lupins gave me the inspiration for this cover.
EP80 – Tennis is my favourite sport to play and to observe – the intersecting lines I felt made for an interesting visual.
EP68 – Nothing quite as captivating as the glow of the firepit – this mix was also fire 😉