EP69 Cover

The House Grind Radio Show EP69 – August 2018

The House Grind Radio Show – Episode 69 broadcast online at DERADIO.ca (Do Easy Radio) August 14, 2018 – tracks selected, programmed and mixed by DJ Colin Hargreaves

For this lucky Episode 69, I wanted to give back even more to the listeners, so I decided to include even more music !! With 33 of the newest tracks ranging from 119BPM to 126BPM this mix goes for over 160 minutes to fully transport you into the sonic dimension. Many of these tracks are available on the following compilation releases: ‘Music for The Island’ (Cenital Music) and ‘Sardinia Summer Compilation’ (Monkey Stereo Records). Special thanks to Rob at Deep Hype Sounds for also contributing many tracks on this episode.

Major thanks to everyone supporting ‘The House Grind’. It is my pleasure to share this labour of love with you every month. 🙂 Colin

(Download recommended for high sound quality – 320kpbs MP3)

EP69 Cover
EP69 Cover Art by Colin Hargreaves