‘The House Grind’ EP84 – November 2019

The House Grind Episode 84 aired online at DERADIO.ca (Do Easy Radio) November 26th, 2019 – mixed by DJ Colin Hargreaves

Take a serious trip with EP84 of the House Grind Show. Lots of variety to keep you grooving through this mix.
Please support the artists to keep the music growing 🙂
Thanks to everyone for keeping this show on your playlists and for all your support. Colin <3

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(Artist – Track – Label)
Chance Packer feat. Terry Dexter – Rectify (Jovonn Classic Dub Mix) – Cha Cha Project Recordings
Maxi Million – Drop In The Wood – Camel Hump Records
Deepsteps – Fractured Heart (Funtom Remix) – Dubwise
VvK – Give Me More (Original mix) – DOD Music Record
Jak’n Jax – 300 Hz – Laser Native
King Joshua – Idolized (Original Mix) – IDOL Records
Dzhura – New ERA – We Love Techno
Gabriel Gush – The Drums (Mario Donoso Remix) – Sweet Milk Records
Cross – Delusion of Grandeur (Original Mix) – Selectro
George Acosta – The Falls – SoGood Music
Monostone – This One – Monkey Stereo Records
Cassetta – So Hot – Sujet Musique
Hydriss – Discorizon (Original mix) – Dosy Records
Micky Hargreaves – Coming Down (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Freshcobar and Lavelle Dupree – Do You Think – SoGood Music
Viduta – System – Infinity Makers
Jaksan – Discrete – House of Hustle
Ahmet Mecnun – Bunny Girl – Phosphenes Lab
Veruah – Alchemy (Out_Ctrl Remix) – Kaligo Records
Steam Shape – Hereafter (Original mix) – Syncopate
I-Robots – Own Existence (Los Hermanos Remix) – Opilec Music
Bryn Liedl – Surreal (Monstergetdown Remix) – Euphonic Visions
Lore J – Easter Island (GixHouze Remix) – Casissima Music
JustSoul – Ultraviolet (Original mix) – Nebulae Recordings
The Phantom (CR) – Freak Show (Original Mix) – Red Channel Records