The House Grind EP85 – December 2019

The House Grind Radio Show – Episode 85 broadcast on Do Easy Radio on December 12, 2019
Wrapping up the decade with an onslaught of tech-house and techno tracks. Spotlight on Mona Records and its ADE 2019 compilation. One my favourite tech-house labels, Monkey Stereo Records releases the Sardinia Winter 2020 Compilation and special mention to Sateeva Records and also Run Records Argentina and all the others for the great promos played on this show.
MAJOR thanks to the listeners for keeping the vibe alive and strong into 2020.
Happy New Years to all – Colin <3

Horsemen – Voltaire – Berlin Bass Collective
Mac Dephoner – Daisy (Original mix) – Mona Records
Hot streets – Stand up and walk (After dark remix) – Sateeva Records
Rando – Inside Your Soul – Sweet Milk Records
Poolar – Amsterdam (Original mix) – Mona Records
Dogstare – Message Unred (Original Mix) – RF
The Plutonic’s – Ricama – Monkey Stereo Records
DEIVIdY – Thinking (Original Mix) – Run Records
MATI Rivaday – Despues De Hora (Original Mix) – Sweet Milk Records
Amorhouse – Back 2 Back (Original Mix) – Beatrain Records
Mattew Reppy – Callin’you (Original mix) – Sateeva Records
Renaud Genton – Some Chord – Monkey Stereo Records
Leon Templaar – Vodkatron (Original mix) – Giraphone Records
House Meanz House – Its Only Coke Folk (Original Mix) – Kukushka
Lino Acampora – Emergency – Monkey Stereo Records
Ki – Reluctant windows (Original Mix) – Woodwork Recordings
Cormac – Down Here In The Dark – Monkey Stereo Records
S.Sic – Your Mind (Original mix) – Mona Records
Miriam Cremonesi – Reverse sunrise (Original mix) – Sateeva Records
Jamie Miller x PAGIEYOURBOY – Basic Bitches – BYBL Records
Alexandro G, Bastien Groove – Tongues – Run Records
Black Jersey – Airplane (Domenico Mastandrea Remix) – Selectro
Bohemian (ESP), Jerrik – Lost Inside – Monkey Stereo Records
Marin Zidak – Tomelloso (Original mix) – Mona Records
Gregor Ostheimer – Beluga (Original mix) – Mona Records
V.O.Y. – The Good Vibe (Original mix) – Brook Gee Records
Chris Lehmann – Alhena (Tony Romanello Remix) – Red Channel Records
Keita Sato – Geometry (Original mix) – Mona Records
Ibai Alonso – Dark Rider (Original mix) – Mona Records
Fuda – Sert (Tony Romanello Remix) – Red Channel Records
Stefan Faust aka Zorro – Unnnt (Original mix) – Mona Records
Van Dexter – The Ghost Whisperer (Tony Romanello Remix)