The House Grind EP86 – January 2020

The House Grind Radio Show Episode 86 – broadcast January 14, 2020 on Do Easy Radio – – selected and mixed by DJ Colin Hargreaves
27 new cuts to start off this decade with spotlight on Koda Recordings and Xmas Party 2019 compilation from Sweet Milk Records another favourite label of mine and great contributor to the show đŸ™‚
Thanks for supporting ‘The House Grind’ and wishing success and happiness to ALL the listeners – Colin <3

(Artist – Track – Label)
Oversound – Air Swing (Deepologic Remix) – Dubwise
ED.E – Outrageous – 3XA/Stazis
Antonio Estrada – Potential (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Guido Cea – Don’t Stop – Sweet Milk Records
Kimse – Black Scale – Brook Gee Records
Bill Tox, Paolo Andronaco – What About (Original Mix) – Dichotomous
Luke Caspi – You Gone (Original mix) – Brook Gee Records
Simon Ricci, Roy Emm – Vision (Original Mix) – Sweet Milk Records
Davide Mazzilli – You Got Me – Self-release
Willo, Lino Acampora – Back On Track (Original Mix) – Sweet Milk Records
Johnny Disco – Come On (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
DONT BLINK – Hot Pill – Self-release
Wez BK – Formalities (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Acid Diamond – The Perfect Potion (Original Mix) – Ozlem Records
SYM – La Cour Des Miracles (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Dzhura – Unbroken Spirit – Moscow Tunes Records
Enzino, Paolo Generale – The Storm (Original Mix) – Sweet Milk Records
While True – Prime Numbers – Theta Music
Gab Ramirez – Bienvenidos (Original Mix) – Sweet Milk Records
False Identity – Fader Up (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Carlo Caredda – Krisalide (Original mix) – Passion Recordings
Scentin – Ungha (Original mix) – Koda Recordings
Dark arps – Reveries (Original Mix) – Woodwork Recordings
LEVS – Sudden Desire (MRM Remix) – Red Channel Records
MrM – AMS (Original Mix) – Red Channel Records
Krotone – Natural Selection – Krotone
Rey Aguilar, Abstrakt Audio – Soul Encounters (Miguel Puente Mix) – BodyTalk