The House Grind EP88 – March 2020

The House Grind Episode 88 – mixed by DJ Colin Hargreaves
Broadcast on Do Easy Radio ( on March 17, 2020

Lucky #88 brings a pounding groove with many tracks off the following compilations: Monkey Stereo Records (Best Of), We Are Freaks Records (Various Freaks) and Selectro (Selected Miami 2020)
Sample heavy Tech House with Grime and Glitchy elements finishing with top shelf Techno. Special thanks to the labels and listeners for making the show possible 🙂 Colin

Tracklist: Artist – Track – Label
Lewis Monbarn – Pyramid – Club Restricted Promo
Sintez – Over And Over – Monkey Stereo Records
Giddibangbang – My Mind – We Are Freaks Records
Mitekss – People Person (Gennaro De Sarno Remix) – Monkey Stereo Records
Morisk – Mind Control – We Are Freaks Records
Ariel Merisio, Massi ISX – Pitchies S – Sweet Milk Records
Pastiche – Interstellar (Original Mix) – Club Restricted Promo
Ben Mos – Ipnotic Mind (Original Mix) – Pinkstar Black
Filthy French – Just A Little Bit – We Are Freaks Records
Colossi Rah – Good Side – We Are Freaks Records
Elternhouse – Power to the People – We Are Freaks Records
Volum1k, Daka Graykeep – Nobody – Sweet Milk Records
James My + Criss – Pacha Mama – Monkey Stereo Records
Mod Man – Fold – Soft Computing
Macchina Nera – Hunting Nightly (Reformed Society Remix) – RFR Records
Mesquitas + Danny (AT) – My Body (Umberto Pagliaroli Remix) – Sweet Milk Records
Pirro – Duo – Run Records
Roy Beatie – Espresso Much? – Dubwise Records
Vince Versa – Bang Bang – We Are Freaks Records
Mystik Vybe – I Can (Original Mix) – Selectro
DMRO – Scappa (Original Mix) – Selectro
Vedra + Rinaldi – Believe (Original Mix) – Selectro
Upper Regions – Noise of Pleasure – Woodwork Recordings
Nexgar – Wrath of Hell (Original Mix) – Red Channel Records
Atesh K – Stealth (Original Mix) – Cherry Moon Records
DJ Life – Lightning Ridge – Potatoheadz