‘The House Grind’ Support Chart July 2018

Photo and design by Colin Hargreaves

Pleased to share my selections for July’s support chart.  You will find these tracks and many more on the House Grind EP68 mix on Soundcloud,  Thanks for supporting good underground music and artists.




Boran Ece – Driven – Lemon Juice Records

11.OFF – Metroid (Alffie Remix) – Cenital Music

David Maté – Giacondo (Jason Burick Garage Remix) – Kalah Records

Dub Detroit – Imbalance – Stazis

Gert Abazaj – N.I.L.S. (Wegert & Green Remix) – Young Society Neon Edition

Saturated Phat – Do You Play Baseball (Instrumental) – Soterios

Federico Guglielmi – Psychedelic Journey (Analog Trip Remix) – Elektrik Dreams Music

Matt Rhane – Drop Of God – Baxxline

QuestionmarQ – Rollercoaster (Original Mix) – Vision Collective Recordings

Celvin X – Frequency Curves – Amigos Recordings