‘The House Grind’ Support Chart May 2018

EP66 cover art
cover art by Colin Hargreaves

More great tunes as heard on EP66 of ‘The House Grind’ Radioshow and Podcast.

All available at BEATPORT .

Thanks for supporting underground house and techno – Colin




Leisure Music Productions – Papaya Padre – Leisure Music Productions
Roslav – Adopt (Original Mix) – Stoned Wash Records
Ilario Laggetta – Broken Master (Original Mix) – MNSTRY
Black N Tan – Believe Me (Original Mix) – TechGrooves Records
Skymate & Sun – Veidrodis (Orignal Mix) – HouseFarm
DJ Josh Blackwell – Polygonum (Original Mix) – Syncopate Afterhours
Jack Cheler – T.Get (Pirro Remix) – Run Records
Frankie Deep – Prismat Elements (Original Mix) – Dubwise Records
Monofade – Out of The Blue (Original Mix) – Stazis
Oliv Olivers – Coast to Coast (Original Mix) – Stoned Wash Records